About Sally

‘I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty.
Empty what’s full.  Scratch where it itches.’
(Alice Roosevelt Longworth)

So before you ask me why, let me explain.  Somewhere in the dim, dark depths of time, someone at work (and I am pretty sure it was my boss), thought it might be a good idea if I, as the ‘face of the college’ (meaning I sit in the main office where everyone can see me), wrote a short column for our regular Community College brochure.  As the College President and the Manager already wrote columns I was reluctant to start another, and I distinctly remember trying to get out of doing it (not only then but almost every Term since), but ultimately I was out-voted and the ‘Sally Says . . . ‘ column was born.

I have written quite a few of these short articles now and even compiled some of them into a small book for family members (if I have to write them, they have to read them) and, just quietly, and please don’t tell anyone else, I am actually starting to enjoy it.

I am no great genius of a writer and I won’t even pretend to be, but I thought this blog could be a bit of fun for me, family and friends (well okay, for me mostly) and might even spark a little ember that has been slowly smouldering, get me off my bum, out of my comfort zone and rattle the old grey matter around a bit.  Who knows where it may lead—onwards and upwards—round in circles—or nowhere at all.  It really doesn’t matter.  I intend to use this space to indulge myself—to talk about anything and everything that interests me—and possibly even vent a little if I feel the need (it’s got to be cheaper than therapy).

I am not going to write much else about me here because I think that if you do take the time to read my blog (still haven’t got used to saying that—’my blog’) you will probably end up learning all that you need to know about me—and possibly much more than you ever really wanted to.

Suffice to say that at the moment I live in a small seaside town on the mid north coast of New South Wales with three small four-legged girls who graciously allow me to live with them—as long as I keep chicken necks in the freezer, goodoes in their bowl, and take them to the park on a daily (preferably twice-daily) basis.

When not working (me—not them) we like to read books together, watch movies together, work in the garden together, go for the obligatory walks together, play ball together, cuddle on the couch together—well—you get the picture.

In fact, I probably live just like Alice Roosevelt Longworth did.  With a philosophy like that she just had to have spent her life surrounded by small furry animals . . .


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